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Sometimes our quality of life can be hindered by emotional or physical stress. Massage can offer your body relief and your mind a chance to unwind, helping you lead a happier life.


Massage helps relax muscle tissue and improve circulation throughout your body. This means that adding massage to your routine can improve energy,  range of motion and physical relaxation along with helping release nerve compression.



My name is Jamie.  I am the owner/operator of HERE & NOW THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE. I have over 13 years of experience as a licensed Massage Therapist in the spa and wellness industry. I am a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Milwaukee, WI. 

Modalities I am experienced and trained in include: relaxation, deep tissue, cupping, aromatherapy, hot stone, energy work,  and pre-natal.

When I decided to open my own practice, I set out to create a space where therapeutic massage was the primary focus, where each massage session truly made a difference in the way your body functions and feels.  I wanted to create an experience for my clients that is welcoming and relaxing where you can reconnect —- body, mind and spirit.  

Empathic and Intuitive by nature, I listen to what your needs are and what your body tells me too.   

Whether you want to relax, indulge, maintain health or alleviate pain...when you step inside, you leave your world behind for a while and are enveloped by the cozy atmosphere that awaits you.  Where you can unwind, take your time, and know that you will be cared for to the best of my ability.

Massage is what I love to do and I look forward to seeing you!


Providing therapeutic massage services in Lake Country,  Southeastern WI.
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“Find and maintain a balance between work and rest. Engage in self-care. Self-care is always a priority.” 
― Akiroq Brost



Only Accepting Referral Clients
Home Studio in Dousman, WI.


     60 mins $95 (Back, neck, shoulders only)

75 mins $110

80 min $120

90 mins $130

2 hour $175

A customized massage, a tailored massage to fit your needs that day. 

  This relaxing massage uses firm and gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension. Compression and stretching movements ease tired aching muscles and relieve tension.

Including all the extras:

warm neck towel, hot towels on the feet, a heated pack on the back, and hot basalt stones massaged on your back for the perfect relaxation.



This type of massage is great for pregnancy too. Please check with your doctor in case you have any concerns.

Massage ADD ons



This includes a FIXED cupping treatment. In fixed cupping, cups are placed along the length of your back or the fleshy parts of the body with suction technique. The cups stay in place for a several minutes until the skin inside the cup begins to show signs surface release. Markings will happened in that area and indicate where the blocks of circulation/static flow have occurred and now released. Pain relieving balm and oils are applied to the area to aid in deep relief. 


What is cupping good for?

Cupping is a good all-round therapy and is great if you suffer from:


  • Stress and/or anxiety

  • Pain – especially back pain

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle tightness and fatigue 


NOTE: It should be noted that cupping is not be used on patients who bleed easily and/or cannot stop bleeding, have skin ulcers, or edema. It is unwise to cup over large blood vessels as well. 



This includes very warm basalt stones massaged to the entire body. 

Candles and Wood

Give your body rest

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